Below are a selection of links to other collectors websites, clubs and manufacturers of the pressed Penny machines.

ukpenniesheader1–  ukpennies    is an excellent site which is a must visit if you collect elongated Pennies from the UK.

Smile Coin – Smilecoin  based in Germany and collects from many countries

netzschkaugoeltzschtalbrueckeintro1  – WERSAM is an excellent site  in Germany that covers German, UK and many other countries elongated coins.

Odedpaz – Oded Paz  based in the USA, designer and roller of elongated coins.

cindys-cents-2-2_med – Cindy’s Cents based in the USA, they have over 30 of their own machines across Virginia and also specialise in custom elongated coins.

Lyle – Collector of Hawaiian, Nevada, South Korea and Casinos

Elongated coins – collectors, seller and trader of elongated Pennies

FICstore – FICstore had a selection of Scottish and English elongated Pennies for sale, individually packaged for souvenirs. The Scottish ones can be found here

TEC – TEC The Elongated Collectors. The USA based collectors club now has over 650 members in several countries.

Penny collector – Loads of information and pictures of coins from all over the world.

Paul Conner logo – Paul Conner Studios Collector and Designer of Elongated Pennies, based in the USA




The penny press – The Penny Press

Scotron logo – Scotron

penny press factory logo  – Penny Press Factory

souvenirpennieslogo – Souvenir Pennies

EUROLINK – Eurolink

Pennymangle – Pennymangle –  Oban – Loch Lomond – Edinburgh

Pennymen Europe – The Penny Men Europe