Current sets

There are 7 machines situated at Legoland Windsor, each with 4 different minifigures

legoland set 1 legoland set 2

legoland set 3 legoland set 4

legoland set 5 legoland set 6

legoland set 7

Retired sets

There were 4x 4 coin machines, some having duplicated designs. All 16 coins Have the Legoland Windsor printed on the back

Legoland retired reverse

Legoland Retired set 1 Legoland retired set 2

Legoland retired set 3 Legoland retired set 4


Retired coins

legoland retired 5  Legoland England

Legoland Retired 6 Legoland Girl Legoland Dragon Legoland Rev


MANCHESTER Discovery Centre

Lancashire Manchester Legoland 1 Lancashire manchester Legoland set 2