Other Elongated Coins

Here are a few more coins that we have kept for different reasons.

Big Ben London, this is a Lloyd Wagaman design pressed on a 1967 2 Shilling coin

Big Ben

Nurburgring – Germany.


UK Pennies – The elongated Penny site ran by David Milleruk pennies

Arndale Chip Shop – another of David Millers personal Pennies

Arndale chip shop

TEC 2015 – The 1st coin I received for joining the club

TEC 2015

Hello Kitty – Japan

hello kitty 1

Koln, Germany Star Wars

Koln Star Wars

Michael Jackson set of 3 – Designed by Paul Conner, the other 2 are also his designs, Paul’s website can be found here

Michael Jackson Paul Conner

www.elongated-coin.de – A German Forum


MOT UK private rolls

England Unknown MOT