Welcome to my collection of Scottish elongated Pennies, this has very quickly escalated to pennies from throughout the UK. I hope you enjoy it. The above menu ‘REGION’ has the 7 regions in Scotland which have dropdown menu’s to the cities and towns, then to the locations and pictures. Click on the regions for a map, or click on the cities/towns for a small insight to the cities and towns, clicking on the  locations will open the pictures of the pennies and click the pictures to enlarge them.

If viewing on a mobile phone, please use the links to pages here rather than the dropdown menu, the scrolling on the menu’s don’t work very well on this devices.

My Collection

If you have or know of any UK Pennies or any Worldwide Legoland pennies that I don’t have listed please get in touch and I can add the information to the site. Pictures of any Pennies that I don’t currently have would be much appreciated too so I can put images of them on the site.

The colour pictures are the ones that I have in my collection, the grey pictures are ones that I still require. If you have any that I still require, and you would like to sell or trade it/them, please get in touch. My e-mail is in the contacts tab.